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Frequently Asked Questions:
We have compiled the following answers to some commonly asked questions, please either click on the links below, or scroll down the page:
How do I order from your website? Ordering from our website is quick and easy - simply browse through our product categories which will display all of the models we have available to order in the selected category.

You can sort the models in a category by price or by model name (this is the default) - each model has a price and on the right hand side a "Purchase" button.  If you wish to buy the model you should click on the corresponding "Purchase" button which will then cause our system to add your selected model to your shopping basket along with any other models (if any) you have already put in there.

You may remove items in your basket by clicking the corresponding "Remove" button next to each model - please note that the system will not let you add more than one of each model, if you wish to remove all of the models in your basket then you should click on the "Empty Basket" button at the bottom of the basket page.

Once you are happy with the contents of your basket please ensure that you have selected the appropriate delivery zone for your country of residence (United Kingdom, Europe or Rest of World) - failure to select the right delivery zone will result in a delay in the shipment of your order.  When you are happy with your selection you should proceed to the checkout page by clicking on the "Checkout" button at the bottom of the basket page.

On the checkout screen you will be presented with a breakdown of the items in your basket and the delivery cost, if all of the information displayed is correct you should proceed by clicking on the "Pay for my Order" button, otherwise you may go back and change your details or go back to your shopping cart and change your order items.

Upon clicking on the "Pay for my Order" button you will be taken to a secured page on Paypal's servers, you will then be presented with the total amount of your order (inclusive of delivery) and an opportunity once again to view the contents of your shopping basket.  If you are already a Paypal member you should simply click the button to "Login" and login by entering your Paypal details.  If you are not a Paypal member you should simply follow the on-screen instructions to enter your information and card details.

Once your payment has been accepted by Paypal you will be presented with a screen telling you that you have paid, and you should "Click here to continue" - clicking this button will return you to our website.

You should receive two automatic emails from placing your order - a receipt from Paypal for your purchase and a confirmation of order from us detailing your order items and order totals.  Please ensure that you keep both of these emails as your Paypal receipt is your proof of purchase and payment for your order, and the email from us gives you your unique order reference number.
How can I search for a model I wish to purchase? Searching for a particular model is made easy by our extensive search facilities.  You should enter your query into the search box and choose your search options from the radio selections - please note that search terms are not case sensitive.   Search options include:
  • Exact Match
    • Useful for when you are sure that you know the exact name of the model.
  • Beginning With...
    • Useful for when you wish to return all models starting with a particular word (such as all models beginning with 'Essex')
  • Partially Matching...
    • Useful when you are trying to find all of a certain type of model but are not sure whereabouts that word will appear in the name (such as all models with any word matching 'Circus')
The results screen will appear telling you how many (if any) results were matched from within the database, the results are then displayed on screen in batches of 10.  If no results have been found you may like to try the same search term using a different search option.
Why has an item in my basket disappeared? Because we operate a live website - each time you view your basket or proceed to checkout we make sure that we still have stock of the items for you. If we have since sold out of an item we remove it automatically from your shopping basket.
How much will my delivery cost? Delivery costs are calculated automatically by our web system from the number of item(s) you have in your shopping basket as well as the zone of your delivery (United Kingdom, Europe or Rest of World).  Current delivery rates are:
  • United Kingdom
    • First Model: £3.50
    • Each Additional Model: £3.00
    • Additional charge for each set (Categories "ZAD" & "ZAL"): £4.50
  • Europe
    • First Model: £4.00
    • Each Additional Model: £3.50
    • Additional charge for each set (Categories "ZAD" & "ZAL"): £5.50
  • Rest of World
    • First Model: £4.50
    • Each Additional Model: £3.80
    • Additional charge for each set (Categories "ZAD" & "ZAL"): £6.50
Please note that from time to time these rates may change, however, the delivery cost calculated in your shopping basket is always up to date and you are always informed of how much delivery will be before placing your order with us.
How soon will my order be dispatched? We aim to dispatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt of payment of your order from Paypal.  Obviously it is difficult for us to provide a given time in which your order will arrive as we are at the mercy of the delivery network.
What payment methods do you accept? Our transactions are processed for us securely by Paypal, currently for UK and European residents they accept the following cards:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Switch
  • Solo
For our customers resident in the United States of America all of the above cards are accepted with the exception of Switch and Solo.
Is it safe to order on your website? Absolutely, LledoModels.com only stores your shipping information, as our payments are processed for us by Paypal we do not store, or even see any of your sensitive payment information such as credit card numbers etc.  When you enter your payment information you are doing so on a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted page on Paypal's server.
What if I have any more questions? If you have any questions about any aspect of placing an order with us that is not covered here then please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you.
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